About us

Sphinx Pharmaceuticals Limited is a  manufacturer of human and veterinary   as well as external preparations. The company was started in 1996. It is the first Kenyan black owned manufacturer of pharmaceuticals in the country. Many factors have contributed to our upward climb; however the driving force has been innovation.

Our Mission

To develop quality, affordable medicines that improve, prolng and save lives.

Our Vission

To make our medicines accessible to all, globally.

Our Strength

Is in our ability to continually learn, evolve and adapt to an ever changing environment.
Every person in every part of the organization plays a role in the innovation process and all share accountability for the entire chain.


For every employee our values mean a trusting, equal opportunity, non-discriminatory working environment. Our company offers challanging and exiting work. We vigorously promote career development and we aim to offer all employees a challanging career.

We seek to recognise both individual contributions and collective teamwork. We encourage our employees to strike a balance between their responsibility to Sphinx Pharmaceuticals and to their home life.


We seek mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers, contractors and service industries. We offer to treat them as we wish to be treated by our customers.


We are committed at all times to integrity and fairness: to quality products and services which give our customers good value: and innovative skills to develop new products. We seek to achieve customer satisfaction and to build long-lasting beneficial partnerships with them. In all our operations we act as responsible Corporate Citizens. 

We strive to be an industry leader in safety practices and in environmental standards. We involve ourselves and to contribute to local communities and education. We conduct our relationship with the government and statutory bodies not only within the


It is only by achieving these values that our shareholders will benefit from a more productive and competitive. Sphinx Pharmaceuticals which, in comparison with our competitors, will yield an attractive return in terms of divided and long-term growth


In all our operations we act as responsible Corporate Citizens. We strive to be an industry leader in safety practices and in environmental standards. We involve ourselves and to contribute to local communities and education.  We conduct our relationship with the government and statutory bodies not only within the law but also with exemplart standards of ethics.


Sphinx Pharmaceuticals Ltd invests in stable partnerships with multinational
firms, se-lected regional clients and networks in the healthcare sector. Since
1996, the company has developed more than twenty (20) profitable contracts
and constantly achieves top evaluations from its product and strategic
partners. Other strategic partnerships include the exclusive distribution of
products for foreign and Greek firms.